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Halo 4 Might Just Bring Something New To The Table

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Halo 4 Might Just Bring Something New To The Table

     When the Xbox was released a long time ago, one of the key points that separated it from the competition was the graphic engine. Call of Duty had Infinite Warfare and Halo 2 were both built on the X360 graphic engine, but Halo 3 and Halo Reach were both built on the Xbox 360 video engine – a point that a lot of gamers considered a major problem. The one thing that prevented Sony from having the ” advantage ” was the Halo 3 monopoly on the MMORPG genre, so the release of Halo 4 would effectively block Microsoft from ever being able to do it again. Now that Halo 4 has been released, it appears as if Microsoft have made a big mistake, or perhaps made a calculated change in tactics.

The new Halo 4 engine, which powers the game, has been designed in such a way that it’s clearly the better of the two options. The ridges, valleys and inaccuracies which you’d see on top of high resolution textures on the Xbox were carefully smoothed over, and the lighting techniques used were probably all done with the intention of improvingLOD in real life. When you’re first putting the game through its paces, and you notice the difference between high resolution and normal, you might initially think to yourself, “This isn’t too much of a difference, but why does that matter?” Well, consider how the phrase “not a significant difference” feels. How does it differ from having the same image, but having more? With the new technology, it’s possible to have twice the resolution.

Of course, for the new owner of an Xbox, the desire is probably to play the game with the settings turned to the lowest. When you do find that your graphics card can’t cope with the extreme graphics, turning everything to low isn’t an option anymore. So the new max settings are a kind of eye candy, really bringing your Xbox to a halt.

Now with the new settings, it’s possible to tweak those settings to the point where they’ll make you giggle, and then there are those who can’t help but take the plunge and indulge in the fullest graphic experience. It appears on paper that Microsoft has raised the stakes in Halo 4 to a ridiculous degree. In the Halo 2 category, if you could have made a console that was so believable that you didn’t need to play on it with anything less than a $60 graphics card and an HD TV, then that would have been the Holy Grail.


sadly, we’re not quite at that stage yet. For now, Microsoft will only say that the minimum requirements are to have a HDD of 120 GB, two video cards of at least 8800 GT/s of Dice and a TV of 28 inches. The $50 increase in storage for an Xbox 360 over the older versions is one that most hardcore gamers will struggle to cope with. For those price households that have an HDTV and an HDTV, the extra storage won’t be much of an issue.

On the face of the software there may be a 32MB space war between the PS4 and Xbox One. In all other respects, the Xbox One is leading edge. The PS4 appears to be much more powerful, with a 1.7 TFLOPS of processing power. This is on top of a five core processor that these both PlayStation 4’s have. The Xbox One’s chip is only daily matched by the PS4, with the PS4 sporting a 1.6 TFLOPS of performance.

These lead to other areas of concern. On the technology side, PS4 appears to have slightly better maths than the Xbox One. Although this may change, as it has done in the past, it’s lead to speculating that the PS4 will be more expensive to repair if it suffers a hardware failure. Xbox One mechanical issues So far, PS4 appears to lead in terms of longevity. Its lead is partly based on it’s much better cooling system, which reportedly prevents overheating being one of the main causes of mechanical issues. สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

On the other hand, Xbox OneMarcus discs, Blu-ray and other media drive problems remain a constant worry. Also, warning signs related to overheating in the unit include graphical corruption or streaky patterns on the screen, known as “verisimilitude”. Marcus Software Vice President had this to say of the issue, “If you think that the PS4 is only for high definition content and will play Blu-ray discs and be able to play the new libraries without any problems, you are wrong. The Xbox One is just as good as the PS4 when you compare raw horsepower.”

For privacy, the Xbox One successfully continues to avoid any personally identifiable information to the outside world. However, there have been no official announcements to address whether or notkinect Conflict will be effected by the new console.