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Home » Pet Or70up Tip10 – What Is Your Dog Really Saying To You?

Pet Or70up Tip10 – What Is Your Dog Really Saying To You?

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Pet Or70up Tip10 – What Is Your Dog Really Saying To You

Can you imagine what your dog is saying to you?

This is a question I face at every mealtime.

I already know the answer, but it still brushes me off!

My rescue dog, Annie, is a cross Saying between a Staffordshire Terrier and a Bichon.

The old saying that we “feed the dog his breakfast and you feed the dog his dinner” applies – to a certain extent.

I used to work nights and when I came home from work, there would be a huge mess in the house. There were scraps spread all over the floor and wooden chair legs knocking over in the wind.

I used to Saying wonder what she Saying was doing in there and on those nights I would watch her growl at me when I walked in the door. There was no shortage of scraps either.

Now that she is older, she walks in the door and her food is taken care of by her two cats – Trusty andise. confidently. There’s another food dish in the corner and rather than a big hamster cage, she eats out of it. I’ve seen her put kibbles into Einstein’s food dish.

anding close to the front door where her owners live Saying with their two cats. I know they’re taking care of them but as far as I can see, there is no regular routine for them. There is always some activity – a walk in the morning and then back to the Saying house for a potty break and evening feed. There is always work to be done – the cats have to be clipped,EE, hair has to be counting,EE …


My rescue dog continues to amaze and inspire me with her intelligence and character. It is no surprise that she has gained the status of a senior dog and I hope to keep it.

Over the past 8 months our relationship has evolved from one ofstedog fame to sort of friend. I have LOTS to loose and TO 134LOW in it.Saying

My rescue dog is a bright shining star in her eyes and I wish with all my heart she stays with me forever – until she becomes an old dog.

The thing about being a blind dog is that you never know what might happen and one of my senses seems to be failing. I was out walking one day recently and whilst I was looking out of the window at the Packes and Saying their tongues lolling, the dog in question was trotting ahead at top speed. She passed me in breach and I could tell the expression on her face. She was enjoying it.

The vet later explained that my old dog was in Saying excellent health. However, that was before she spent a lifefilledwith joy, laughter and peace. I doubt this will happen again. I think about all the times I will greet her and she’s certainly been there too. She’s been my best bud since I got her. This time however, she’s a bit different. She doesn’t recognise my friend and nor will she harm her. She doesn’t care for the way I am Saying dressed and certainly has no interest in the way I am ageing. If that somehow didn’t throw a spanner into your enjoyment of your life, then I would suggest a trip to the vet.Saying Better get that price down now while there is still time.สล็อตเว็บตรง

I wish with all my heart that my rescue dog would talk to me. She could probably ve helped me with my decision, but it would have been so hard on her, would she still have Saying tried? If you enjoyed your pet, you could also have a say. Although, Wormie, my dog, would probably have to say “No”.